We help our clients enter the EU and Chinese Market.

The challenge of China market entry has become an increasingly important one of Western companies of all shapes and sizes.

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Identifying The Market

European companies should think carefully about which geographical location offers the best vantage point to target the broader China market.

Government Policies And Regulations

Regulation is becoming more stringent, as are to efforts ensure that companies actually conform to them.

Conducting Market Research

Whichever market entry mode is chosen, thorough market research should precede any final decision on how and when to enter the market.

(IPR) Strategy

IPR infringement is commonplace in China, and any company entering the market for the first time should work under the assumption that its technology will be compromised at some point.
"In China everything is possible, but nothing is easy"
Thankfully, as China’s economy continues to grow and become more open to foreign companies, the rewards increasingly outweigh the challenges of doing business in China

Products category

Home Electronics

OBV works with GlobalMarket and Dreamworker for the sourcing in China; we help the Chinese Brands enter the EU market.

Sleeping products

OBV works exclusively with the top manufactories of sleeping products from China; we bring the best quality products with competitive price to EU markets.

Online Marketing

OBV works together with the Alibaba and JD.com for the e-commerce market in China.


Printta.com under OBV provides printing products with top quality print products with competitive price with fast delivery.

Intelligent AI Speaker

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