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Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and Dutch Premiere Rut attend Giga-Factory project signing ceremony

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Focus Area

Medical Industry

Medical technology, Medical Services

Nowadays, we give priority to opportunities with a fixed R&D cycle. The forward-looking investment captures the industry development dividend and strives to reduce the cost of medical health.

The medical and health industry is one of the largest and fastest growing industries in the world. The overall demand in the industry is solid and has little correlation with the macro economy. It is a typical weak cyclical industry. At the same time, the medical industry is affected by population growth, living standards and population aging.

There is a view that medical health is a sunrise industry that will never decline. Meanwhile, the gap in many domestic sectors still needs time to fill.

We believe that in the next 5 to 10 years, another wave of investment and mergers will be created, which is different from the history of most of the capitalization of the R&D cycle gap and the specialty of the medical field (technical derivation and power attributes, regional difference within patients, entry barriers, etc.)

This is one of the key risks we have taken as priority in the establishment of the sector. We are also constantly practicing our unique investment model to capture the excellent opportunities.

New Materials Industry

Inorganic non-metallic materials, composite materials

New material is a fast-track for epoch-making breakthroughs in a number of industries. It is a tool to create market increments and nurture new markets which can grow explosively from '1' to 'N'.

In terms of high-tech materials such as new inorganic non-metallic materials, high-performance composite materials, cutting-edge materials and high-end metal structural materials, we are looking for industrialization that can build industry alliances and excellent alternatives. We hope to fully utilize the advantages of application market and new standards.

The output value of the world‘s materials industry is growing at an annual rate of roughly 30%. Material innovation has become one of the most important driving forces for the advancement of human civilization. It also excelarate the technology development and industry upgrade. We believe that the potential of new material is one of the few ways that can break the monopoly and change the game.

Intelligent Manufacturing Industry

Industrial automation, High-end Equipment, Internet of Things

We keep our focus on intelligent control systems, new generation information and communication technologies, high-end CNC machine tools and robots, and automated production lines. We have initially deployed in a number of industry sectors, and we have connected with many tech companies with core intellectual property rights. We hope to integrate technical resources, industrialization advantages and investment to achieve technological breakthroughs, realizing energy-saving, environmental-friendly and sustainable development, which will lead to strong competency in the intelligent green manufacturing market.

The intelligent manufacturing industry is of great significance for accelerating the transformation and upgrading manufacturing, improving production efficiency, technology level and product quality, reducing energy and resource consumption, and achieving intelligent and green development in the manufacturing process. At the same time, it is expected to help the development of national strategic emerging industries. We as an investment fund will abide by industrial policy guidelines and analyze market competition value in order to make significant contributions in strategic industries.

Communication & Cooperation


Chinese Premier Li Keqiang Instructs Sino-Dutch Incubator
Giga-Factory Project Launching in Zhejiang Province