Cheng Du Su Xi Communication Technology Co., Ltd.

The goals

  • Sync OS SIM enables smartphone to synchronize the contacts, apps, photos and even OS.
  • Users can always switch their smartphone OS.
  • When replacing a new phone, Sync OS SIM can achieve the data transferring without any intervention.
  • This is the future solution for users, developers and operators.
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Next –Generation Transport Technologies for Big Volume Data

-Caton Technology
Creating next-generation transport technologies that move real-time and file-based data at maximum speed, regardless of network conditions, transfer distance and data sizes.
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Project 55

• As Chinese LTE chip agents, the company will look for 4G communications module suppliers in the EU, provide them with unique price advantages and high standard & stable performance of products solutions and highly integrated communication module solutions.
• The company will also act as agent of global intellectual property (IP), utilizing the sales of mobile games, videos, music, eBook and other electronic products via App Stores. Regarding to IP, it will search for mature IP products in EU and introduce them to Asia, North America and Oceania by existing channels in China.
• For example, The Adventures of Tintin will authorize its IP to the company, and then it is entitled to sales all related electronic products to the customers in the world.
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Life sciences & Health

Foregene Direct PCR, expert in direct PCR detection - Cheng Du Fu Ji Biotechnology Co.,Ltd

  • PCR without Prior DNA purification
  • Time-saving: shorten the processing time by 33%
  • Cost conscious: reduce the operation costs by 20%-50%

NAO develops the opportunity for everyone to have a healthy and efficient brain. -Wispirit Tech Co., Ltd

  • We are the top player of Brain Training industry in China.
  • Intelligent custom personalized training programs based on brain assessments, age, medical history, etc.
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Elderly Care Solutions

• Our subcontractors are active in Europe, North America, and Asia, specialized in the following areas:
  • Construction advice
  • Technical support
  • Operation
  • Education
  • Domotica
• Trainings provided by universities
  • Delft University of Technology: Technical support and daily operations training
  • Tilburg University: Hospitality training
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As the first and leading manufacturer of Thermoplastic Composite Pipe, we have qualified our products for major international operators and contractors. Depending on our client’s requirements, we qualify according to the requirements of API, DNVGL or other standards (
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Project 34

The experts of Wind energy industry and manage the huge demands of wind electrical and mechanical parts from China.
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Project 50

  • The electricity power & petrochemical industry, product research and development and commissioned by the processing
  • Mechanical equipment, electrical and mechanical equipment sales and purchasing
  • Potential business partners: Svenska Kullager-Fabriken, SIEMENS AG
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Project 96

  • Established business partners in metal finishing and wastewater treatment in EMEA area. The two activities of project are based on the developing chemicals and advanced equipment.
  • The increasing demand from mainland China drives the company to cooperate with EU experts.
  • The business strategy is enhancing the existing cooperation with both upstream and downstream customers by producing environmental friendly chemicals and sufficient equipment.
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Project 60

  • Project focus on the fine chemicals industry. For example, the production and development of C9 aromatics in hydrocarbon resin.
  • Aiming at leading the industry to quality-oriented
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Project 110

Agricultural Informatiion :
  • With the comprehensive understanding of Asia market, project management aims at improving the Asia industry with the advanced technology and equipment from EU.
  • Electronic information & products, e.g. The Data Terminal Unit (DTU) and Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) receive TRX high-speed serial data consisting of analog and digital channel information.

Project 80

  • The factories in China have been certified by China Ministry of Agriculture regarding to the compound premix products. Now the company is focusing on the sustainability of the industry in China.
  • Dutch agricultural entrepreneurs use efficient and sustainable production systems and processes, resulting in a productivity that is five times higher than the European average (© 2013).

Project 6

  • Agricultural high-tech projects (M&A subjects to farms)
  • Agricultural cultivation


Project 39

  • The reliable private labelling partner for fashion retailers;
  • Manage the entire process from client consultation to delivery of the end product;
  • As Europe is a major growing market, the company established an office in the Netherlands to be close to our clients in Europe and serve them better. Outside the Netherlands, Project 39 has a large office in China which sources materials and accessories, and controls overseas production in China, Bangladesh and Cambodia.

Project 24

  • Specializes in packing products for Disposal Medical Device
  • Over 1,000 square meters Manufacture Area, 600 square meters Class 100,000 Clean Room in China.
  • All products are made up to high quality and compliance to EN868.

Project 107

  • Founded in 2006, specializing in various non-ferrous metals (mainly copper and aluminum) processing, such as CNC machining, stamping, forging, punching, bending and welding.
  • Manufacture quality products for our customers, such as Simens, Eaton, Alstom, ABB, Vestas, Schneider Electric, etc.
  • ISO certified and all procedures follow the international standard.


Transformation Dutch Offices into Apartments

  • Buy distressed assets with discount and transform them to apartments
  • Source of assets to be bought with big discounts
  • Permits to transform supported by government


Fresh Bite Shopping Mall- Chengdu Fresh Bite Information Technology Co., Ltd

  • Rank No.1 in Western Entrepreneurial contest
  • Perfect customer solution with ‘E-commerce &O2O’ approach
  • Kiosk intelligent fresh-keeping refrigerator is the terminal device with the proprietary IP right
  • Applied for 5 patents, 2 for inventions and 3 for utility model

Project 85

  • Mature distribution channels in China, both online (Tmall/Alibaba) and offline (catering chain).
  • Domestic demands and favorable policies in China drive the Project 85 to transform into Cross-Border E-supplier.

Project 68


Project 92

  • Focus on building global business platform with the creative combination of floriculture and Event management
  • Mature business operations in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Macau and mainland China.
  • Project 92 aims at discovering Europe and developing it into part of the global platform. It will also be the sole floriculture supplier for global customers.

Project 56


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